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My passion, second to photography, is travel. My career as a photographer has given me the opportunity to travel around the globe and capture all different kinds of people, places, and brands. When I walk out of the airport into a new city, my imagination goes wild, conceptualizing all the experiences I will capture. Getting to know the people in each new city I visit and being able to capture a moment in time is so special to me. I love visiting a new place and getting to illustrate the mood and feeling of a city and its people. I’ve been slacking in the blogging realm and sharing these experiences with the world, so here’s to catching up and sharing about a few of my more recent trips.

In January I traveled to Miami with fashion blogger Shop Dandy. The tropical colors of the city jumped out at me screaming that this city was vibrant and alive. As we arrived in Miami we set out to explore the Wynwood Walls and a good friend of mine met us there and joined in on the adventure. The vivid urban graffiti was like nothing I had ever photographed before and was the perfect backdrop for some stunning photos! Our stay at the Washington Park Boutique Hotel was relaxing, luxurious, and the location was perfect for exploring South Beach sites! With each person I met and excursion I went on, it became more and more apparent that this beautiful city never slept, and contained some contagious artistic passion.

Last year, on a trip to the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao, the colonial pantone colored buildings, the invariably blue skies, and the friendly people bounded out of every photo I took. In Curaçao we started our adventure at the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort Curaçao where we lounged in cabanas, sprinkled across white sandy beaches, and enjoyed the local cuisine rich in seafood. From there we ventured out for an all-day sailing trip where a couple Curaçao locals showed us the bluest waters and stunning snorkeling lagoons. The trip reminded me how much I love to explore new places and how, with each trip, I feel inspired and creative!

It was with these trips and many more that I decided to launch a new Instagram channel in order to share all of my adventures and travel photography! You can now follow along @SarahdipityExplores as I travel across the globe capturing beautiful couples, @ShopDandy, brands, and more! Check out a sneak peek below of travel photography that I have never had the opportunity to share!

Miami Trip

2015,Danielle,Miami,Sarahdipity Photos,
2015,Danielle,Miami,Sarahdipity Photos,

Curaçao Excursion


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