A day behind

This whole week has seemed to run behind, in my head at least. I still have yet to get the days of the week correct. I kept thinking today was Wednesday. I do believe I have been a day behind every day this week, at least at some point in the day. As for yesterday I did a photo shoot of my niece and nephew in a pumpkin patch therefore I figured I would blog about it today, that is until my card-reader was barrowed and my other one is currently broken. So guess that means those images will wait for posting for tomorrow, a day behind. :)

As for today, I did mail out a package of portraits of adorable children and their mother which I photographed two weeks ago. So instead of the most recent images I have decided to post pumpkin patch pictures from a few weeks back.

Wish I had photos like this of when I was a child. :) Photograph life.

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Amber Lathrop

Um…hello fall! I LOVE the pumpkin patch shoot. Just know…if you ever truly want to experience a LEGIT fall season, my house will always be open for you up in Raleigh, and wherever we move around to for that matter. It’ll provide travel opportunities for you and fun for both of us!

In commenting to your actual post…I’ll mention…your note at the bottom (about how you wish you had photos like this of your childhood)…you are not alone. Photos are AWESOME, as always!

Simply Beautiful

It is not an art of my own I am sharing, but it is one that touches me deeply, music.  As I edit image after image, work on albums, emails, etc. I always have to have the perfect playlist of music. Tonight I heard Owl City’s new recording of “In Christ Alone”. The song is a personal favorite and Owl City’s arrangement is what I would consider simply beautiful. Not many frills but rather simple. Listen to it! http://owlcityblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/In-Christ-Alone.mp3

Now, adding to my never ending “to do” list: Photograph images to go along with this song. – I LOVE such projects. :)

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sweet goodness

Being a Aunt can be a blast! Last Saturday morning, I took Autumn Joy, my niece, on a Krispy Kreme Donut date. It was the best date ever. Taking a precious 3 year old to Krispy Kreme  made me feel like a child again. Autumns eyes got as big as the donuts as she looked at each and every flavor before picking a sprinkled covered donut. I admit, half of my reasoning for taking her to Krispy Kreme was to photograph her. :) I’m not a breakfast lover but when it comes to breakfast dates I think they are the best and a perfect start to a day.

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Pumpkin Carvin’

A week ago tonight a group of friends gathered on a beautiful fall evening for a pumpkin carving contest. It was a “BYOP” (bring your own pumpkin) party.  We ate fresh tuna, chips & salsa, and rootbeer floats for dessert. Oh and yes, we also baked the pumpkin seeds and ate them too.

Yay for the camera being passed around to capture all of this. Credit for most of these images goes to Sarah King. :)

So heres to the beginning of a wonderful fall.

These are my favorite pumpkins yet. Brightly colored, more texture than I have ever seen on a pumpkin, and the coolest shape.

Here we go with our first step of pumpkin carving!

The newly weds! As for the pumpkin, Leah has yet to become a diehard gator fan. Note I said “yet”. ;)
If I had been the judge of this contest, this would have been voted my favorite. I’m pround to say my brother and Seth carved this one!

Thats all folks! Be inspired. Go carve a pumpkin with friends. I am positive you will have a blast!

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