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There is something about life that absolutely captivates me, inspires me, and often leaves me dreaming. Sometimes the dreams are vast and wild, other times the dreams are lovely yet simple. Many may sleep to dream yet I find myself avoiding sleep so I can keep on dreaming. It’s a crazy thing, I know.

I dream of traveling, of living wholeheartedly,  loving well, of pursuing life where I am, embracing the seasons, basking in the beauty of another day, the list could go on. I’ve decided to follow the nagging inspiration inside me which wants to blog more. Blogging to share photography with the world, to write my thoughts and most of all share the beautiful and sweet moments from life. With this inspiration, I plan to be back to blogging!

Two weeks ago, I followed the map to a new destination for a destination wedding. Dawn (my second photographer) and I hit the road a day early to embrace the travels and arrive in plenty of time while even adding a few stops along the way for inspiration. All in all, it was perfect. We found inspiration everywhere, happened upon the loveliest of places, photographed along the way, dined in the local cafes, talked of ice cream and donuts all weekend, and basically covered every topic of wonderful conversation you can imagine. By Saturday we were ready and excited to capture the big wedding day. (Which I can’t wait to blog about soon.) But for now, here’s to me being back to blogging starting with recent travels.

(All photos of me were taken by Dawn.)




:: As soon as we spotted this adorable VW Van, it was a must for a photo background. Dawn posed, then I posed and as we decided to have a bystander snap a photo of both of us, the classic moment happened, a UPS truck pulled up right beside it, blocking it from view! You should have seen the disappointed look on our faces, you would have thought we were children at candy shops being told all of the candy was gone. It gave us a good laugh to say the least.::



::Every good road trip has detours to beautiful places. We happened upon this cute little town by taking a backroad, and while making a U-Turn I spotted this adorable place and my sense of adventure had to follow the road to see what else this beautiful street held. To our great surprise, we happened upon the donut truck we had heard about every single day of our trip! It had just relocated days before. We were thrilled and decided to get donuts but once we arrived once again, we had the moments of pure laughter from the disappointment we felt when the sign read, “Closed” and “Sold out of donuts for today”. Clearly, we weren’t meant to have donuts::







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I just love who you are! I love your passion for life! …and love your photos! Miss you, friend.

Been longing to go to Rosemary Beach! It looks so delightful.


Simply Beautiful Sarah…..please keep Blogging!

These pics are beautiful, and so is your writing! I look forward to more posts from you. And how cute is your friends belly?!?


Awe, I miss you Meghan! Thanks for the sweet comment. :)


Oh Carissa, you should go! It is ever so delightful, you would love it.


Thanks, Liz! You have been an inspiration. Okay! I plan to. :)


Oh Lyndsey, that means so very much coming from you, the queen of amazing blogging! Doesn’t she have absolutely the cutest belly? Adorable!

Beth Hemmer

OMG! Rosemary! That is one of my most favorite places on earth, and there is so much to photograph there. Had you ever been??? It is so awesome. I love going there….I captured a really cool photo there once, almost exactly where you were. It is such a quaint little place. We always say that is where we will retire.
Enjoyed your blog! Awesome.

Timeless Treasure

From the bottom of an aged stack of papers, I found this treasure. A poem written and typed by my great great great uncle. This treasure will be cherished and framed. I didn’t have my camera with me, but I had my cell phone. As I decided to capture it, I saw the flag which covered my grandfathers casket just months ago, which made the perfect accent for this photo. And of all days, to discover it on Presidents’ Day. Here’s to the legacies.



You ask what America means to me. I’ll try to explain how it seems to me.

A famous poet, Sir Walter Scott
Had the right idea, and hit the spot
when he wrote these lines – – – – –

“Breathes there a man with soul so dead
Who never to himself hath said,
This is my own, my native land.”

America means a freedom of life.
America means a freedom from strife.
My land the home of the brave and free
Abounding with liberty from sea to sea.
Where the rich or the poor may each have a share
Of health and happiness garnered there.

The right to work and the right to save,
The right to freedom our fore-fathers gave
The right to conscience, To worship God.
And to follow the paths our Fathers trod.
The right to earn, the right to spend.
The right to borrow, the right to lend.

Our starbangled banner outflank to the breeze
Upholds our rights on the seven seas.
Our Army and Navy have victories won
In every nation under the sun.
Our statesmen are peers of any on earth.
Our Wasington- Lincoln, proclaim their worth.

Our schools have no equal in all the world.
Where ever the starspangled banner is furled
They are free to all as the air we breathe,
To young or old, to free man or slave.
Our paths and our valleys abound with grain
Our mountains and rivers o’er all others reign.

Beloved Columbia; land of the free,
The land which my fore-Fathers bequeathed to me.
There is no country in all the earth
More loved than the land which gave me birth.
’Tis home, this freedom, ’Tis liberty too
’Tis perfect content to me and to you.

’Tis a land of plenty from sea to sea
And THAT is what America means to me.

Composed and written by Arthur Craig – My Great Great Great Great Uncle

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Heart filled storefronts and roses galore. Hallmark cards and chocolate hearts. Red high-heels and cliche dates. To embrace or disregard, you can choose. But whatever you decide, may you keep spreading the love. Not just the Valentine’s Day gifts, but real love and loving well. It’s a beautiful sight every day of the year. So embrace those you love and love them well, not just today but every day of your life. For who truly ever regrets loving well?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you love throughout the year and every day of your life.


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