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My passion, second to photography, is travel. My career as a photographer has given me the opportunity to travel around the globe and capture all different kinds of people, places, and brands. When I walk out of the airport into a new city, my imagination goes wild, conceptualizing all the experiences I will capture. Getting to know the people in each new city I visit and being able to capture a moment in time is so special to me. I love visiting a new place and getting to illustrate the mood and feeling of a city and its people. I’ve been slacking in the blogging realm and sharing these experiences with the world, so here’s to catching up and sharing about a few of my more recent trips.

In January I traveled to Miami with fashion blogger Shop Dandy. The tropical colors of the city jumped out at me screaming that this city was vibrant and alive. As we arrived in Miami we set out to explore the Wynwood Walls and a good friend of mine met us there and joined in on the adventure. The vivid urban graffiti was like nothing I had ever photographed before and was the perfect backdrop for some stunning photos! Our stay at the Washington Park Boutique Hotel was relaxing, luxurious, and the location was perfect for exploring South Beach sites! With each person I met and excursion I went on, it became more and more apparent that this beautiful city never slept, and contained some contagious artistic passion.

Last year, on a trip to the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao, the colonial pantone colored buildings, the invariably blue skies, and the friendly people bounded out of every photo I took. In Curaçao we started our adventure at the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort Curaçao where we lounged in cabanas, sprinkled across white sandy beaches, and enjoyed the local cuisine rich in seafood. From there we ventured out for an all-day sailing trip where a couple Curaçao locals showed us the bluest waters and stunning snorkeling lagoons. The trip reminded me how much I love to explore new places and how, with each trip, I feel inspired and creative!

It was with these trips and many more that I decided to launch a new Instagram channel in order to share all of my adventures and travel photography! You can now follow along @SarahdipityExplores as I travel across the globe capturing beautiful couples, @ShopDandy, brands, and more! Check out a sneak peek below of travel photography that I have never had the opportunity to share!

Miami Trip

2015,Danielle,Miami,Sarahdipity Photos,
2015,Danielle,Miami,Sarahdipity Photos,

Curaçao Excursion


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Watermark Workshop with Kristen Weaver

Kristen Weaver is absolutely fabulous! Taking Kristen’s WaterMark Workshop was the best investment I have made in my business this year. I appreciate  every last detail that she shared with me and the other attendees, from hands on advice in photographing to the details of photography legal information. Kristen has such a wealth of knowledge. She is so real and raw, and provided a wealth of knowledge. Watermark Workshop is amazing. I am still trying to implement everything she taught. It was the perfect workshop before diving into another year of doing what I love, wedding photography.

Go, be amazed, and soak in every last detail that Kristen provides.

On the last day of the workshop Kristen Weaver had her team create the most fabulous Moroccan Tea Party at The Acre in Orlando! Yes, it was just as amazing as it sounds. Clearly we photographed every last detail. I’ve blogged a few of my favorites but you must go check out Kristen’s blog post and where it was featured on the Ruffled Blog!

The shoot was also blogged by Kristen: Moroccan Tea Party
Featured on the amazing: Ruffled Blog

The Talented Participating Vendors:

Venue: The Acre, Orlando
Photographer: Kristen Weaver Photography
Hair & Makeup: Jillian Caro
Florist: Bluegrass Chic
Cake Artist: The Sugar Suite
Videographer: Jeffrey Stoner Video
Custom Furniture: A Girl and Her Glitter
Models: Modern Muse
Rentals: WISH Vintage Rentals
Dress Shop: Calvet Couture Bridal
Bridal Gown: Kennedy by Sarah Seven
Bridal Gown: Remmington by Hayley Paige
Stationary: Simply Jessica Marie
Planner: Lisa with An Affair to Remember
Tasty Treats: Le Macaron
Chairs and Flatware: A Chair Affair



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A Sweet Engagement- Shaina + Brandon | Jacksonville Beach

We’ve all heard stories of people who met online and a relationship not only blossomed, but turned into a garden of love! I’ve met a small number of people who have given online dating a whirl with success. Imagine my delight when Shaina + Brandon revealed that they were one of those couples! They met on Tinder during the Summer of 2014- and much to their own shock and geographical differences (Shaina was in Gainesville, Brandon in Jacksonville), they hit it off.

It didn’t take long for them to discover a mutual love of cake, as well as bike rides, Disney, traveling, making new bucket lists, brewery hopping, concerts, relaxing at the pool/beach and day trips.  There is no doubt that these two are dreamers and make fun, family and friends a priority in their life.

During a trip to Mexico last April (it has been almost exactly a year) for Shaina’s birthday, Brandon popped the question. Luckily airport security and Shaina didn’t spoil the surprise, despite a couple of close calls!   Their version is better than mine could ever be, so I thought I would share it below!

“We booked a trip to Mexico for April 2015 and we would leave the day after Shaina’s birthday. Shaina’s friends were in town for the weekend to celebrate. Brandon gave me a birthday gift of a rice cooker, the only thing I really asked for and a private dinner on the beach in Mexico. I did not think twice about the dinner because we had been talking about that as a bucket list item for a while and I was convinced he did not have ring. I packed all of the luggage for myself and Brandon and he was to load everything in the car while I was taking a shower and finishing the last minute things. He brought all of the luggage down and snuck the ring (that was hidden in the garage) into his sneakers and then put them back in his backpack. Off we went to Mexico on Sunday, April 26. We landed in Cancun and were the chosen ones to get all of our luggage FULLY searched. I went first and they had me exit the area where Brandon still was. Luckily they didn’t make him pull out the ring. We relaxed at the hotel all day and at one point I even said to Brandon “look at all these proposal spots, way to drop the ball.” We weren’t even dating that long but already bought a condo together and moved in together in 5 short months. I guess when you know, you know. We got ready for dinner and headed down to the lobby to meet our private server who would escort us with champagne down to the beach. Of course, Shaina had to take pictures as soon as we got down there. As we were eating our salads and sipping on some cocktails the hotel photographer came up to take our picture. I didn’t even think twice about it because we had just seen him taking pictures of other people during dinner inside of the hotel. Brandon assured me, this is all just apart of the package. So, of course, we got up and starting posing for some pictures, again we all know how Shaina loves her pictures. The photographer started making us do awkward prom poses and at that point, I started laughing at Brandon and was like okay enough this is just weird. Before I could finish laughing all of a sudden Brandon said “Shaina, I have a question to ask you” and was down on one knee. I truly blacked out because we still do not know to this day if I even said yes. I screamed, and screamed, and screamed. The waiter brought saki bombs and we took more pictures. Also, let’s note I told Brandon that I would unplug for the vacation and really was going to stick to it until Brandon proposes on night 1, come on man. From that point on after we started facetiming and calling family at the dinner table, our phones were blowing up with excitement. The waiter was so excited he dropped his best English F-bomb as he dropped Brandon’s soup and I was so excited I forgot to eat my surf and turf dinner, sorry Brandon.”

This sweet engagement session was a testimony to the right person coming into your life at the right time! I can’t wait for their wedding!




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An Intimate Rustic Wedding | Ellen + Ryan | The Keeler Property, Jacksonville, FL

Ellen & Ryan had an intimate destination wedding at The Keeler Property, on the westside of Jacksonville.  It was my first of the new year, and I loved watching these two light up when they’re together. It is so obvious how much they love each other. They make each other laugh and you can see the mutual adoration between them. With it being a destination wedding I was unable to meet them till the day of the wedding. But with a few Skype calls, texting, and emails I felt like I had known them for ages when I met them!

The Keeler Property has a beautiful covered bridge where the ceremonies are hosted. It overlooks a small lake and has a rustic, yet ever so romantic vibe.

As Ellen held Ryan’s hand and looked into his eyes (her two favorite things about him), you could feel the happiness! They’re just so beautiful and happy together!

I love that Ellen took such care with the details … they were understated, and worked really well with the venue! She made her own bouquet, as well as the bouquets for her bridesmaids, the boutineers and the centerpieces. The Eucalyptus paired beautifully with the babies breath and popped against the bridal party’s navy attire. And her dress was absolutely stunning on her! I loved the soft lace neckline against her tan skin and her veil that completed the look.

After the ceremony, Ellen and Ryan were most excited about dancing the night away with each other! You rarely saw them leave each other’s side, and it was so sweet to see!









Blog Vendor

Wedding Dress: I Do Too Bridal Boutique
Catering + Cake: Bella Events
Florist: The Bride
DJ: Dynasty Entertainment
Hair + Make Up: Kristine Mariee

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[…] shared an intimate destination wedding at The Keeler Property, on the westside of Jacksonville.  Sarahdipity Photos said, “I loved watching these two light up when they’re together. It is so obvious how much […]

A Sweet Engagement- Natalie + Ryan | Jacksonville, FL

I’ve known Natalie for several years and I must say, she seems fully alive and in love with Ryan. It’s absolutely adorable!

These two lovebirds met last year. They have a shared love for the great outdoors, and their relationship is full of wonderful outdoor adventures.

The bike you see in these photos has serious sentimental meaning for Natalie and Ryan. You see, back in the fall Natalie saw this bike for sale and loved it. However, Ryan talked her out of buying it because he was planning to go back and purchase it for use in the proposal!   I’m sure you’re dying to hear the proposal story… so here it goes!

Natalie works at a Hospital and had the Christmas Eve shift. Her workday had been long and tiring, and filled with a tinge of disappointing knowing that she was missing out on her first Christmas Eve with Ryan and the rest of her family. Because she was working late, she knew she would be missing out on her favorite Christmas traditions. Being the romantic that he is, Ryan had different plans up his sleeve!

Unbeknownst to Natalie, when the early evening holiday hospital stress was at its highest, she was going to be given a quick break. Of course, this break was coordinated by Ryan and. A co-worker. Her co-worker wrapped her arm around Natalie and walked her outside.  Where Ryan right was down on one knee, with her new bike and engagement ring! Although she was utterly confused, she said YES without a doubt in her mind! Lightheaded and beaming, her Christmas was shaping up to be better than she could have ever anticipated.  After coming down from the cloud, she explained to Ryan that she has  to get back to work.  To her surprise, Ryan informed her she was now off work and it was time to head to a Christmas Eve Engagement party. A few weeks before the holiday, Ryan called Natalie’s boss and got permission for her to get off work a few hours early. Their friends and family were ready and waiting to celebrate!  This was just the start of their life adventure.

You truly can see their radiance. The way Ryan makes Natalie laugh is precious.  I’m so happy for them! They get married in April and I was disappointed to know I was already booked for their wedding date, but they are in good hands with another photographer. Luckily I had the joy of capturing their engagement photos!






















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