A Sweet Engagement- Shaina + Brandon | Jacksonville Beach

We’ve all heard stories of people who met online and a relationship not only blossomed, but turned into a garden of love! I’ve met a small number of people who have given online dating a whirl with success. Imagine my delight when Shaina + Brandon revealed that they were one of those couples! They met on Tinder during the Summer of 2014- and much to their own shock and geographical differences (Shaina was in Gainesville, Brandon in Jacksonville), they hit it off.

It didn’t take long for them to discover a mutual love of cake, as well as bike rides, Disney, traveling, making new bucket lists, brewery hopping, concerts, relaxing at the pool/beach and day trips.  There is no doubt that these two are dreamers and make fun, family and friends a priority in their life.

During a trip to Mexico last April (it has been almost exactly a year) for Shaina’s birthday, Brandon popped the question. Luckily airport security and Shaina didn’t spoil the surprise, despite a couple of close calls!   Their version is better than mine could ever be, so I thought I would share it below!

“We booked a trip to Mexico for April 2015 and we would leave the day after Shaina’s birthday. Shaina’s friends were in town for the weekend to celebrate. Brandon gave me a birthday gift of a rice cooker, the only thing I really asked for and a private dinner on the beach in Mexico. I did not think twice about the dinner because we had been talking about that as a bucket list item for a while and I was convinced he did not have ring. I packed all of the luggage for myself and Brandon and he was to load everything in the car while I was taking a shower and finishing the last minute things. He brought all of the luggage down and snuck the ring (that was hidden in the garage) into his sneakers and then put them back in his backpack. Off we went to Mexico on Sunday, April 26. We landed in Cancun and were the chosen ones to get all of our luggage FULLY searched. I went first and they had me exit the area where Brandon still was. Luckily they didn’t make him pull out the ring. We relaxed at the hotel all day and at one point I even said to Brandon “look at all these proposal spots, way to drop the ball.” We weren’t even dating that long but already bought a condo together and moved in together in 5 short months. I guess when you know, you know. We got ready for dinner and headed down to the lobby to meet our private server who would escort us with champagne down to the beach. Of course, Shaina had to take pictures as soon as we got down there. As we were eating our salads and sipping on some cocktails the hotel photographer came up to take our picture. I didn’t even think twice about it because we had just seen him taking pictures of other people during dinner inside of the hotel. Brandon assured me, this is all just apart of the package. So, of course, we got up and starting posing for some pictures, again we all know how Shaina loves her pictures. The photographer started making us do awkward prom poses and at that point, I started laughing at Brandon and was like okay enough this is just weird. Before I could finish laughing all of a sudden Brandon said “Shaina, I have a question to ask you” and was down on one knee. I truly blacked out because we still do not know to this day if I even said yes. I screamed, and screamed, and screamed. The waiter brought saki bombs and we took more pictures. Also, let’s note I told Brandon that I would unplug for the vacation and really was going to stick to it until Brandon proposes on night 1, come on man. From that point on after we started facetiming and calling family at the dinner table, our phones were blowing up with excitement. The waiter was so excited he dropped his best English F-bomb as he dropped Brandon’s soup and I was so excited I forgot to eat my surf and turf dinner, sorry Brandon.”

This sweet engagement session was a testimony to the right person coming into your life at the right time! I can’t wait for their wedding!




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